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Book A Christmas Segway Tour To Celebrate The Season

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A lot of people imagine taking a Segway tour during the sunny summer months, but if you live in an area that gets mild winters, you may have the opportunity to enjoy this unique method of transportation in December, too. Some Segway tour operators run Christmas tours, which can be a fun way to celebrate the season. Make some plans to get together with a few friends — perhaps after you’ve each finished your holiday shopping — and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit on your Segway. Read More»

3 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Next Wine Tour

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There are many regions that produce wine, and these areas tend to be very picturesque. Thus, popular wine-growing regions do more than just produce wine — they are also very popular vacation destinations. If you’re planning a trip to a renowned wine-growing region, it is well worth your time to book one or more wine tours during your stay. A wine tour will give you the opportunity to visit different wineries in the area that you are visiting. Read More»