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3 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Next Wine Tour

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There are many regions that produce wine, and these areas tend to be very picturesque. Thus, popular wine-growing regions do more than just produce wine — they are also very popular vacation destinations. If you're planning a trip to a renowned wine-growing region, it is well worth your time to book one or more wine tours during your stay. A wine tour will give you the opportunity to visit different wineries in the area that you are visiting. Use the following tips to help you enjoy your wine tour:

Consider Comfort

Many wine-growing regions are somewhat large in size, so there can be a considerable driving distance between wineries. If you plan on booking a wine tour that visits a few different wineries in one day, comfort should be a priority. Prior to booking your wine tour, always inquire about the vehicles used for transportation from one winery to another. If you are planning on taking a larger wine tour, the tour company may use a small shuttle bus. However, there are companies that also offer smaller wine tours that may use a luxury sedan or SUV for transportation. 

Try New Things

If you're planning a trip to a wine-producing region and you want to take a wine tour, you're most likely a person who enjoys drinking good wine. But, many wine drinkers have a preference, and they often stick to drinking just one or two specific types of wine. During a wine tour, you will visit wineries that produce a variety of wine, which means that you will have the perfect opportunity to try something new. Even if you typically only drink red wine, don't be afraid to try a new white wine or sparkling wine — you may discover a new favorite when visiting wineries.

Pace Yourself

Most wine tours are half-day or full-day events, so you will want to pace yourself so you can enjoy the day. Make sure that you eat a good breakfast in the morning so your stomach is full. When you stop at the first winery, try to abstain from drinking too much wine since you will have several other stops throughout the day. A lot of wineries offer light snacks or appetizers during their tours, and eating these can help prevent you from becoming too inebriated after sampling different wines at multiple wineries throughout the day of your tour. 

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