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Book A Christmas Segway Tour To Celebrate The Season

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A lot of people imagine taking a Segway tour during the sunny summer months, but if you live in an area that gets mild winters, you may have the opportunity to enjoy this unique method of transportation in December, too. Some Segway tour operators run Christmas tours, which can be a fun way to celebrate the season. Make some plans to get together with a few friends — perhaps after you've each finished your holiday shopping — and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit on your Segway. Here are some things that you'll enjoy about taking a Christmas Segway tour. 

Looking At The Lights

The main attraction of a Christmas Segway tour is seeing Christmas lights, and you'll get a chance to see plenty of them during this outing. The tour will follow a route that is cheerfully lit with lights, and you'll enjoy cruising past the businesses and homes that are decorated for the holidays. Few things can get you into the Christmas spirit quicker than seeing Christmas lights, and while driving your vehicle around to look at the lights can be fun, being on a Segway allows you to see the lights more easily because you're traveling at a slower pace.

Getting Dressed Up

If you really want to get festive on your Christmas Segway tour, think about dressing up a little. Some tour companies may customize their helmets at this time of the year to include stuffed reindeer antlers, which can definitely add to the fun of the outing. You might even wish to think about throwing on a costume before the outing — perhaps dressing as an elf if doing so appeals to you. Or, you can encourage everyone in your group to don your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters for the tour.

Enjoying Some Refreshments

Refreshments are a key element of many Segway tours, and this is definitely true of those that take place during the Christmas season. Depending on how your Christmas Segway tour is set up, you'll likely get to stop at a certain point to enjoy some refreshments — perhaps a cup of egg nog or hot chocolate. This stop may come at the midway point of the outing, or perhaps in an area that is especially cheerful with Christmas lights. You and your friends will enjoy taking a break to enjoy a drink and compare notes on how the Christmas Segway tour has been thus far.

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