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How To Save Time And Avoid Lines When Going On A Trip To Disney World

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Being able to tour Disney World at your own pace can be a lot of fun, but you'll also have to spend a lot of time waiting to get on a ride or waiting to have dinner at one of the amazing restaurants found at Disney World parks. However, if you are a part of a VIP tour, you will be able to enjoy your trip to Disney World and will be able to save a lot of time as well.

VIP Tour Guides

If you are part of a Disney World VIP tour, a guide dressed in plaid will accompany you throughout your trip to Disney World. The tour guide costs money. However, you will be coming with several individuals and everyone will be able to pitch in a little. However, there will be a maximum number of guests per tour guide and even infants will be counted as a guest.

Planning Your Trip to Disney World

You will be able to choose a start time that works for you. If you have a change of plans, you will be able to cancel. However, you might be required to pay cancellation fees.

You will be able to plan out ahead of time exactly how you would like your trip to the park to go and you will also be able to visit multiple parks. The goal is to allow you to see as many shows and enjoy as many rides as possible. However, these will be subject to their availability.

Remember to Ask Questions

While the primary purpose of a VIP tour is so you can avoid waiting in line, you should also take advantage of your tour guide as an amazing source of knowledge. If there is anything you'd want to know about the park, such as upcoming shows, they are the perfect person to ask.

Make the Most of Your Disney World Vacation

Though a VIP tour costs money, you will be better off since a Disney World trip is not cheap. You will not want to spend your trip to Disney World waiting in line and waste a lot of time not knowing where to go. When you are with a tour guide, you'll be able to see everything and will also be able to make time for trips to other parks. Depending on how many hours you need, the VIP guide can be thousands of dollars but is still worth it.