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The Coolest Waterfalls To See On A Road To Hana Tour

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Driving the Road to Hana is an incredible way to see the island of Maui. You get to especially spend time viewing its natural wonders. There are a lot of private tours you can take, and the good thing about these is that you can often customize the tour stops to suit your own interests. Here are some of the top waterfalls to request your tour guide stop at on a Road to Hana private tour.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is two waterfalls located not far off the road. You can easily walk to them within a few minutes, making this a great place to stop for families. And there's more than just waterfalls to see here! A family farm has been built up around the waterfalls over the years. They sell local favorites like sugar cane juice and coconuts, so you can enjoy a little snack while you admire the falls. You can even wade into the water at the base of the falls if you like.

Pua'a Ka'a Falls

Pua'a Ka'a Falls is located inside a State Park by the same name. You could easily make this one of the longer stops along your Road to Hana tour since there's so much to do inside the park. You can walk along the hiking trails, catching several good views of the waterfall. It's a smaller waterfall, but it ends in a really secluded, rocky pool that people love to walk in and explore. There are public restrooms and picnic areas throughout the park.

Hanawi Falls

Hanawi Falls is actually just down the road from Pua'a Ka'a Falls, but you absolutely should stop at both. These falls are quite tall, and there's a magnificent bridge built a ways down the river. You can walk over the bridge and enjoy a clear view of the falls as you do so. 

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is located further down the Road to Hana. You won't have seen any waterfalls for a while by the time you get here, so it is well worth a stop. The pool for the waterfall is basically off the side of the road, so you only have to trek a few feet into the brush to see the falls themselves. There are a lot of slippery rocks, though, so use caution.

Your Road to Hana tour is sure to be awesome if you stop at these waterfalls along the way.