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Recommendations To Help You With Your Vacation Property Management

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When you own a vacation rental property, you will want to make sure your property stays profitable with successful rentals but also is maintained and looked after even if you are not around. Here are some recommendations to help you with your vacation property rental management.

Arrange For Maintenance 

One of the first things you want to consider for your vacation rental property is the upkeep of the vacation property. If the vacation rental is next door or on the other end of your property, you will be able to easily come and go to take care of the maintenance and other management issues. You will need to clean the rental between guests and handle any maintenance requests. Then, when the seasons change, you may need to winterize your rental if you need to shut it down for the winter, for example. 

A vacation rental property management service is going to be able to handle these tasks, and more if you need them. Your management team can arrange for professional HVAC repairs and maintenance, such as replacing furnace and AC filters, checking and maintaining the HVAC for seasonal use, and handling the repair of a clogged toilet, as examples. 

Look Into Smart Home Features

When you own a vacation rental property, you may not be around to visit the property as much as you need to in order to handle the property's management. With smart home features, you can remotely check on and maintain some aspects of the property to maximize its utility efficiency and promote the security of the property. 

You can install a smart home system to control the lighting, heating, and cooling even if you are not able to physically walk into the property and make the needed adjustments. If you want to prepare the vacation rental for the arrival of a late-night guest, you can remotely adjust the thermostat so the rental is comfortable inside. You will also be able to turn on the porch light and interior lights to help welcome your guest to the property. This helps with your security as well, as you will be able to illuminate the interior and exterior of the property without leaving the lights on too far in advance of their arrival, which also saves on your utility costs. 

Look to install a security camera on the exterior of the property. You can find many on the market that provide access to view on your smart device or phone and you can connect to the doorbell or front porch and other exterior areas. Then, when your guest or an uninvited guest arrives at the property, you will be alerted and can view it right on your phone.