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3 Animals You May Also See While Whale Watching

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One of the most memorable experiences you can have in the ocean is attending a whale watching tour. The trip includes memorable sites of massive whales as they swim through the ocean waves, and make their way to the surface for air.

Along with the whales, learn about three other animals you may see while you explore the ocean waters.

1. Dolphins

Before you spot any big whales on the water, one sea creature you may come across is a dolphin. Dolphins are one of the more social creatures of the ocean, and you can get some spectacular views as the animal swims alongside the boat. Dolphins will often swim in packs, allowing you to see groups of the animal all at once.

A guide on a whale watching trip will explain the different species of dolphins, and their typical habits in the nearby area. Dolphins are more active during the spring and fall months, but you still have a good chance to see dolphins during summer trips.

2. Seals

If your boat goes by any exposed rock areas or small sand bars, then chances are you might spot seals sitting in the sun. Groups of seals will often climb out of the water to get warmth from the sun. As the boat settles down in the water, you may also see a seal head pop up from the surface. The animals often travel in groups.

As a bonus, you may also see a great white shark, since sharks often stay near groups of seals. The chance encounter is rare, but still possible when large populations of seals are living and swimming in the nearby area.

3. Sea Birds

A whale watching group tour is an ideal way to spot some of the sea birds who cruise around the ocean. The main purpose of the birds flying over the ocean is catching fish. The birds will often fly around whales, sometimes landing on their backs as the massive bodies surface up out of the water.

Some of the more common sea birds you could spot include seagulls and pelicans. If you bring a pair of binoculars on a whale watching tour, then you have the opportunity to witness the sea birds in the distance before the boat engine scares the bird away.

Be prepared for your whale watching trip by knowing what to expect, as you explore the ocean waters and see all kinds of animals up close and in-person. For more information about whale watching, contact a tourism business.