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Get The Most Money Out Of Your Timeshare Resale

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If you have made the decision to sell your timeshare, you have undoubtedly weighed your options and discovered that getting rid of the property is in your best interest. However, the conclusion you have not come to is that you have to lose money. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who sell their properties and end up losing money. Discover some of the measures you can make to ensure you come out on a favorable side of the deal.

Know When to Sell

Just because you have decided to sell, it does not mean that right now is the time to act on this thought. You want to take a moment to think about when to sell. Consider a property that is located near the site of a future major attraction, such as a popular amusement park addition, for instance. 

Once the attraction is completed, the timeshare property will likely be in even greater demand. If the attraction is slated to be completed within the next 18 months, selling closer to the completion date might be a wiser choice, as the value, and therefore, selling price, of your timeshare might be greater by this point. 

On the other hand, if you have a timeshare located near the future site of an upgraded timeshare community, you may want to sell before demand in the area shifts to the new community and the value of your timeshare decreases. 

Do Your Research

You should never sell anything without first knowing what it is you have, and a timeshare is no exception to this thought. Take the time to research the timeshare so that you can learn how much it is worth and to lower the likelihood of selling the property for less than its value.

One of the first things you can do is to review recent property sales within the community. Since many timeshare units have similar floorplans throughout, you should be able to find a comparable unit to yours to see how much it sold for.

Another thing you can do is to look at the price of new timeshare units within the vicinity of your community. Based on all these figures, you should be able to calculate an average and figure out where the value of your timeshare falls on this spectrum to ensure that it is fairly priced.

Keep all these factors in mind as you begin the resale process to protect your interests.

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