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4 Must-Visit U.S. Cities For Your Music Performance Tour

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When you're a musician, you're typically also a music lover. Customized music performance tours usually incorporate a sight-seeing component. Well, as a music lover, you're likely going to want to see some other musicians plying their crafts. When you're planning a concert tour for your ensemble, consider booking venues in the following music-friendly cities in the United States.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

First up is the legitimate Music City — Nashville is actually called the Music City because of its country music connections. Legend has it you can listen to live music at any time of day in Nashville.

According to Deviating the Norm, you have a wide variety of musical genres at your disposal in Nashville, ranging from punk rock to hipster jams. Of course, honky-tonks are what the city is best known for. In fact, you can make an evening of patronizing the joints on the city's Honky Tonk Highway.

2. Austin, Texas

You can get a similar experience in Austin, Texas. In fact, Austin may be trying to compete with Nashville for Music City honors – the Texas town's nickname is "Live Music Capital of the World." The likes of Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jamestown Revival got their starts in Austin.

If possible, try to schedule your tour to coincide with one of the popular outdoor music festivals: South-By-South-West, Fun Fun Fun Fest, or Austin City Limits. Regardless of your timing, you'll have an array of venues for watching live music on your evenings off from your own performances.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

You'll get a whole different style of music as you make your way to another southern city. New Orleans is renowned for its jazz and blues scene. In fact, it's home to the phenomenon known as the "jazz funeral," a cross between a wake and a funeral that incorporates a brass band procession.

Your music performance tour coordinator can't guarantee you a jazz funeral during your stay. However, you can certainly make a tour of the music scene on Bourbon Street or book a visitation to the Preservation Hall.

4. Los Angeles, California

The South features an admittedly rich musical culture. However, when you're ready to move on, make your way west to the City of Angels. Many of the biggest musical stars got famous by making it big in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a good city for seeing some of the work that goes into making music stars famous since A & M Records and Capitol Records have headquarters there. While you're there, look into the abundance of venues and theaters for live music.

Consider incorporating the above music-laden cities into your custom performance tour. For more ideas, work with a company like Peak Performance Tours