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Visit Popular Venues That Are Located On An Oceanside Strip

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If you have ever been bar hopping, you realize how interesting it can be to observe various atmospheres and try new foods and beverages. Some venues may offer recreational activities, which can enhance an experience. A club crawl is similar to bar hopping, but it usually features access to exclusive clubs that have a full lineup of social activities and entertainment ready for the guests to enjoy. Make plans to participate in a crawl during spring break so that you and your friends can experience the nightlife in a tropical location.

Be Prepared To Get Your Drink On

If you and your peers are going to be flying or driving to a tropical area that is well known for the strip of dance clubs and taverns that are dotted along the shoreline, other spring breakers are probably ready to get in on the action. Purchase a club or bar pass for yourself and your companions. The pass will outline the venues that you have access to and any special festivities that will be taking place on the day/night of the crawl.

Some places may offer a complimentary beverage, which will assist with getting you in the partying mood. Be aware that drinks can be pricey, especially when you slug back many in a row. Stick to one specific beverage, such as the house brew or a cheap liquor variety. A uniform beverage that is inexpensive will allow you to stick to your budget, plus you may not feel woozy and nauseated, like you may experience if you were to drink a wide array of alcoholic beverages.

Be Friendly, But Not Overly Trusting

You will encounter many people throughout the crawl and some of them will probably be visiting each of the venues that you have on your agenda. When you arrive at a club, reserve a table for you and your friends to sit at. Don't hesitate to get on the dance floor or strike up a conversation with a new acquaintance. Make a pact with your friends to look out for one another, though. Although most people probably have good intentions, you never know when you are going to encounter an unsavory character who means harm.

Make sure that someone in your group is always monitoring the group's drinks since a stranger could slip something dangerous into a beverage if you are not watching. Avoid bringing your wallet or any expensive items along with you during the crawl. Bring plenty of money to pay for food and beverages and store the cash in your shoe or a sock. Not having extra baggage to keep up with will provide you and your pals with the freedom to explore each venue, without needing to worry about losing something of value.